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The open-air market near the Leaning Tower is a haven for souvenirs, offering all the expected plastic replicas of the tower, copies of brand name watches, jewellery, African art, food and so on. Some of the vendors around this area can be overly persistent and it is not a shopping experience that will suit everyone.

Shopping: Where to Shop in Pisa

Those looking for a more pleasurable and leisurely afternoon of shopping should head to the shops in the Corso Italia area. This part of the city is easy to locate, since it is to be found sandwiched in between the Ponte di Mezzo bridge and the city's train station. A little to the north of the bridge is the Via Borgo Stretto, which is another spot known for its enticing shopportunities.

Alternatively, you may like to take a stroll along the river banks, where you will discover an assortment of quaint boutiques and coffee shops. For some genuine bargains and the opportunity to interact with the locals of Pisa, look out for the bi-monthly bazaar, where all kinds of Italian handicrafts, antiquities, books, clothes, music items and local delicacies await.

Specialist independent stores are certainly present within the boundaries of Pisa, although they are dotted around the city, rather than being grouped together on one street. However, this means that when you explore the streets, there are plenty of opportunities to happen upon interesting shopping distractions around each corner.

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