About Pisa Festivals

(Pisa, Italy)

The city of Pisa features a number of exciting events which take place each year, many of which are extremely historic and incorporate many traditional celebrations.

Popular festivals in Pisa include the following events.

Annual Pisa Festivals

  • May: Regatta of the Maritime Republics, a boat race between the area's four Maritime Republics of Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice, held in each city every four years
  • June: Luminara of Saint Ranieri, when around 70,000 wax candles illuminate many of Pisa's most notable and historic buildings and structures
  • June: Gioco del Ponte, taking place on the last Sunday in the month, featuring a military procession, parading alongside the Arno River
  • June: Regatta of Saint Ranieri, held in the middle of the month, where four boats compete in this exciting boat race, each of which represents a district of Pisa

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